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Bennie Cooley has over 25 years experience in Counter Terrorism and SWAT training. He trains various tactical groups, including specialized units within our military, federal, state and county law enforcement organizations. Bennie has served on the board of directors for the Mountain States Tactical Officers Association, and received their Excellence Award in recognition for winning two National SWAT Team Championships. He also received two World Class Quality Awards for his leadership and training of personnel. He is recognized for his outstanding ability to instruct and develop individuals in CQB Shooting, Urban Tactical Rifle, Patrol Rifle, Long-Range Sniper Training, Advanced Active Shooter and SWAT Operations.

Shooting Experience

7-time Winner - International Tactical Long-Range Rifle Championships, Gillette, Wyoming
5-time Winner - USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, Las Vegas, Nevada
4-time Winner - 3-Gun World Championships, Law Enforcement Team Champions
3-time Winner - SOF 3-Gun World Championships, Las Vegas, Nevada
2-time Winner - Team Leader National Championship of SWAT, Gainesville, Georgia
2-time Winner - Secretaries Trophy First Place Team, Central Training Academy
2-time Winner - MGM Ironman Match, Parma, Idaho
2-time Winner - North Carolina Tactical 3-Gun Championships, Fayetteville
2-time Winner - Mystery Mountain 3-Gun Championships, Phoenix, Arizona
1-time Winner - World Sniper Championships, Camp Atterbury, Indiana
1-time Winner - Sniper Challenge, Stephenville, Texas, Team Match Winner
1-time Winner - DOE Small Arms Tournament, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Producer of DVD - Bennie Cooley's 11
Producer of Video - Offensive Handgun Take-Away
Producer of Video - Advanced Handgun Take Away
Producer of Video - Handgun Retention & Tactical Strikes
Producer of Video - Fighting Mindset II Home Solutions
Producer of Video - Fighting Mindset
Developed the BC-CAM - Bennie Cooley's Co-witnessing Adjustable Mount
Developed the BC-SAM - Bennie Cooley's Sniper Assault Mount
Developed the Safety Mag Inert Training Magazine


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