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Designed to help the competitive shooter and shooting enthusiast master the AR/15 rifle, Bennie Cooley's 11 instructional DVD examines the fundamentals of rifle shooting and competition.

You'll Learn:

  • Equipment and Ammunition Selection
  • Proper Maintenance
  • Malfunction Drills
  • Proper Barrel Break-in (Critical for Accuracy)
  • Shooting Drills
  • Shooting Positions (Supported and Unsupported)
  • Moving While Shooting
  • Zeroing, and much more!

Cooley's instruction is very natural, his delivery is not scripted and he examines good and bad points in each technique, allowing the viewer to decide which to employ. Bennie Cooley's 11 points out mistakes to avoid and uses examples the viewer can relate to in their own learning process. Chapters are designed so the viewer can watch, practice and master! Cooley makes it clear that winning isn't magic - it takes time, concentration and desire, but it can be done. Bennie Cooley's 11's will get you a little closer!

Bennie Cooley is an internationally-renowned law enforcement and military trainer, and a professional shooter. His extensive background and hands-on experience with firearms has resulted in a superior knowledge base of methods that really work. Bennie Cooley's 11 is just one exampie of his innovative firearms training accessories.

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