Products >> Bennie Cooley's Sniper Assault Mount (BC-SAM)

“Make It Happen!”

Bennie Cooley’s BC-SAM is a versatile one-piece quick detachable scope mount, specifically designed for the AR platforms (e.g. SR25/AR10, M4's 416's etc). The BC-SAM is available in both 30mm and 34mm scopes and each model has a 10MOA slope built into the mount.

Unlike conventional one-piece mounts with fixed-ring spacing, the new BC-SAM mount is designed to allow the shooter versatality in adjusting their scope ring spacing. This new design provides a much stronger, stable mounting system for the scope’s main tube. Scope to bore height is 2.75”.

While throw levers are convenient, they create uneven pressures on the scope's main tube and can mar the receiver. The BC-SAM’s long-locking bar works together with bolts instead of throw levers, enabling the mount to be precisely mounted with even pressure along the receiver. The BC-SAM will not mar your receiver. A built-in T-25 wrench allows the shooter to take the mount on and off while in the field. Each mount comes with a satisfaction-guarantee and limited warranty.


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