Products >> Bennie Cooley's Co-witnessing Adjustable Mount (BC-CAM)

The BC-CAM is a fully adjustable mount that allows CO-witnessing of red dot scopes with fixed carrying-handled AR rifles. Unlike other mounts, this unique two-piece design allows the user to custom fit the height of the red dot optic in relation to the iron sights on their M16/AR15 A1/A2 rifles.

The BC-CAM will accept any weaver-based or picatinny mounting system such as the EoTech Holosight, Bushnell Holosight, Trijicon Reflex, Trijicon Tri Power, Aimpoint Comp or like optics.

Bennie Cooley is an internationally renowned law enforcement and military trainer, and a professional shooter. His extensive background and hands-on experience with firearms has resulted in a superior knowledge base of methods that really work. Cooley's BC-Cam Mount is just one example of his innovative firearms accessories.

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Price: $125.00  



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