Urban Tactical Rifle Instructor Course

"This course is different than other courses I've taken because most of them teach you how to shoot. This class teaches you how to fight with a gun, which is more applicable for what I do. Here I've experienced many different shooting platforms-some I've never dreamed of."


"Level of instruction is the best I've attended. This is my second time through this class. I learned more and refreshed what I knew. This helped me with getting the mental focus that I need."

- Brett Lemmon, Federal Agent

"Wonderful class that should be taught to all law enforcement personnel. Most instructors have the background, but they come down to the student's level. They teach basic tactics and work to proficiency. Bennie starts you at proficiency and pushes you to levels you've never achieved. He makes sure you master every principle. It's up to you to build on, but he doesn't tolerate less than your best. It's all about confidence. The confidence you gain from his instruction is outstanding."


"The entire course was beneficial. I generally expect to walk away from courses having learned one or two things, I lost count of the things I learned from this course. I will continue to highly recommend your training courses to anyone who has a serious commitment to survival."

- Preston Browning, Federal Agent

"Instructor is high speed - pushed each student to a higher level mentally and physically. Outstanding instruction. He answered questions I had never even thought of. By far the most impressive class I've ever attended. Excellent, a must for every team member of a tactical team. In the short time that Bennie was here, I learned so much. I loved his philosophy that he incorporated with his training and the passion he demonstrated when applying each technique."



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